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Going forward, both Toyota and Lexus plan to deploy collision avoidance support functions which also include pedestrian detection to a wider range of models. To prevent fatal pedestrian-related traffic accidents, from 2015 onwards, Toyota rolled out the Toyota Safety Sense P and Lexus Safety System packages respectively to support collision prevention targeting not only just vehicles, but pedestrians as well.

Their prices have been determined at levels which would help encourage widespread use of the systems.

ADULT & TOT | Wading pool play time for 6 yrs & under with adult. Little swimmers ae available at the customer service desk for .50 each. This award is a definite asset for those who have not reached the minimum age for Bronze Medallion.Toddlers must wear tight-legged plastic pants or special pool pant diaper! We are excited to offer you the ability to easily and securely view and purchase programs, memberships and passes online! Bronze Medallion | Emergency First Aid | CPR-BThis course develops physical fitness, decision-making and judgement skills for water rescue.Medication testing is required for anyone administering drugs to residents in any adult care home, assisted living facility or family care home in North Carolina who is not authorized by occupational laws to administer medications. Note: Listing on this registry does not qualify a person to administer drugs in a nursing home. North Carolina does not list medication aides by reciprocity, endorsement, or transfer from other states. C state medication aide written exam, approved medication aide training program, and complete the clinical skills requirement. Medication Aides for Adult Care Homes operates under the state adult care home rules and statutes 10A NCAC 13F .0403, 10A NCAC 13F .0503, 10A NCAC 13F .0505, 10A NCAC 13G .0403, 10A NCAC 13G .0503, 10A NCAC 13G .0505. Adult Care Medication Testing Medication testing is required for anyone administering drugs to residents in any adult care home in North Carolina who is not authorized by occupational laws to administer medications. Medication Aide Registry for Adult Care Homes, an out-of-state medication aide must pass the N.We feel that education is crime prevention, The Crime Awareness and Prevention Unit strives to educate our citizens and their children to reduce their chances of being the victim of a crime.

The goal of this unit is to prevent crime by deterring those who would violate the law through highly visible proactive patrolling of the county. Montjoy 910-798-4245, [email protected] New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for full-time Detention Officers to fill current vacancies: Working in the Detention Facility Deputy Salary: .27 – .06 Hourly ,008.00 – ,614.00 Annually Detention Officer: .57 – .18 Hourly ,474.00 – ,606.00 Annually Candidates must successfully complete a written examination, physical abilities test, structured interview, background investigation, polygraph examination, medical examination, and psychological evaluation The mission of New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit is to protect the public from the threat of rabies virus exposure, and to ensure proper animal care, through prevention, public perception, and education.

Children 7 years & under MUST be accompanied by an individual 14 years or older. Create your Account Online or Register Now [email protected] If a class was filled before your form was processed, you will be waitlisted ONLY if you aren’t accommodated in any of your other options – you will be contacted should a space become available prior to the second lesson. Dates: October 1 to December 3, 2016 (cancelled October 8) and January 21 to March 11, 2017. This program offers a recreational intro to the sport of lifesaving.

The Town of Hanover endeavours to provide the highest level of safety and enjoyment to all participants and staff members for the duration of its programs. Class Transfers You can switch classes prior to lesson #2, if there is space available. Join us and work on a variety of drill-type exercises to improve your strokes. It keeps children involved in a unique program and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. This program introduces the fundamentals of competitive swimming by teaching the basic swimming skills for all strokes. A low intensity program designed to meet the needs of varied patrons; arthritic sufferers and individuals with non-specific back or joint difficulties. Create your account at or phone 519.364.2310 (ext 0) or pop by the customer service desk at the P & H Centre, 269 7th Avenue, Hanover.

The Division consists of the Animal Services Unit, Accreditation, Crime Awareness and Prevention Unit, Grants, Honor Guard, School Crossing Guards, Tactical Flight Officer assigned to the SABLE program and the Sheriff’s Office Range.

The Support Services Division also oversees the Sheriff’s Office Chaplain’s, VIPR program and is responsible for coordinating the Sheriff’s Citizens Academy.

The information comprises results of safety evaluations for commercially available vehicles based on tests including collision safety performance tests, pedestrian protection performance tests and preventive safety performance tests.