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Dating for gifte bornholm map
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The rune stone has been missing for two centuries and was finally found by pure chance not far from Uppsala, a sacred Viking and Pagan site.

The treasure was hidden sometime at the end of the Viking Age and consists of 163 silver coins with Arabic inscriptions.

It is the largest Viking treasure ever discovered in Uppland, a county on the eastern coast of Sweden Swedish archaeologists are currently conducting excavations in Molnby in Vallentuna as preparation for the construction of a new railroad and they were lucky to uncover an ancient 3,000-year-old grave in the area.

Read more While documenting already existing petroglyphs on the Himmelstalundsfältet outside the town of Norrköping, Sweden, scientists came across new previously unknown ancient rock carvings.

Some of the new petroglyphs have symbolic and religious meaning.

Read more Archaeologists excavating in Sweden made an exciting discovery when they found a very unusual and rare ancient Viking era coin.

The coin was found outside in a ditch outside the town of Linköping, Sweden.The Sun symbol played an important role to Bronze Age people and thus the object is frequently encountered on ancient carvings.Other rock petroglyphs depict ships, bowls, sun crosses and a human being.We have put together a list featuring the most intriguing archaeological discoveries made in Scandinavia last year.A large Viking treasure has been discovered in a 3,000-year-old grave in Sweden.The ancient rings are covered with intriguing magical designs and believed to have been used as ritual objects.