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Date side Fredensborg
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Over the years various kings and their families have resided in the four different palaces.

On 15 April 1689 King Christian V, Sophie Amalie’s son, celebrated his forty-fourth birthday at the palace with the presentation of a German opera, perhaps the first opera presentation in Denmark, in a specially built, temporary theatre.The presentation was a great success, and it was repeated a few days later on 19 April.The site on which the aristocrats could build was given to them free of charge, and they were further exempted from taxes and duties.The only conditions were that the palaces should comply exactly to the Frederikstad architectural specifications, and that they should be built within a specified time framework.Since that date successive royal family members have lived at Amalienborg as a royal residence and kings have lent their names to the four palaces; Christian VII's Palace, Christian VIII's Palace, Frederick VIII's Palace and Christian IX's Palace.

A colonnade, designed by royal architect Caspar Frederik Harsdorff, was added 1794-1795 to connect the recently occupied King’s palace, Moltke Palace, with that of the Crown Prince, Schack’s Palace.Moltke’s Palace was erected in 1750–54 by the best craftsmen and artists of their day under the supervision of Eigtved.It was the most expensive of the four palaces at the time it was built, and had the most extravagant interiors.Its Great Hall (Riddersalen) featured woodcarvings (boiserie) by Louis August le Clerc, paintings by François Boucher and stucco by Giovanni Battista Fossati, and is acknowledged widely as perhaps the finest Danish Rococo interior.The mansion formally opened on 30 March 1754, the King’s thirtieth birthday.Work on the garden began in 1664, and the castle was built 1669-1673.