Dating hardy perfect reels

Dating hardy perfect reels
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If you require other photos do not hesitate to ask. The handle on the reel is screwed as the hole drilled in the reel partially touches the inside of the arbour, this would have stopped them using the normal riveting tool to secure the rivet, hence it has been screwed, this is all as made in the factory. A beautiful and rare reel this one, smooth brass foot and ivoine handle was a combination on the duplicated mk 2 reels for 1920/21 approx only, This rel has seen very little use, the foot still has most of its gilt finish, the handle is superb and white and the reel retains most of its original lead finish and laquer, there is only a small patch of staining on the base of the back rim but very minor, along with light finger polish to the finish around the handle. The reel has usual light paint loss comon with these reels, otherwise the reel is a very fine example and probably one of the most sought after post war Hardy trout fly reels 3 1/8" dia. 002 X-RARE 1st model Hardy LRH lightweight fly reel with L guard and transitional 3 screw spool, unusually on this reel the 3 screw spool has 3 rows of perforations rather than 2. Face plate has been engraved with original owners initials (see photo) Overal a rare and super reel. 007 A fine rare 4 1/2" Hardy Salmon Uniqua with duplicated check, white ivorine handle and full length alloy foot, The reel in this form wasonly produced around 1920/21. mk.2 Uniqua salmon reel with telephone latch reel internally stamped T. The case is also very good with block lettering to the lid (slight bulging of the leather) along with some other marking, also some light scaring to felt inside lid. The case is also very good and clean with a letter K engraved into the leather under the Hardy details, more photos can be seen on the duplicated listing in Vintage Hardy fly reels page 1. the 3 rows first appear in the catalogues on the 2 screw latch spools of the second model so I can only assume that this is a transitional reel which would date it to around 1955. the reel is in very good condition retaining most of its original lead finish. reel has a very light mark to the front rim and the tiniest of marking to the bottom back rim otherwise superb.

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It was given to my husband by a friend who has since passed away and we have no idea about it. I pasted the links and had a look, it is the 1906 check, but it looks as if someone has shortened the foot at sometime which will reduce the value somewhat.

We've had a little look around on the Internet but can't seem to find anything the same.

If you don't own at least one, you are missing out.

If you have Hardy reels (or other Hardy angling tackle) you are looking to sell, please contact us. George 3 3/4" light salmon fly reel, early post war example with nickel insert line guard (due to shortage of agate early post war), condition is good working order, with some wear to the enamel finish, joint in nickel guard is also visable. reelretains much of its original dark colour with rubbing to the rims, some scratching to the outer laquer also underside of ribbed foot has been rubbed to remove some of the end ribs (see photo) Otherwise a fine example of a 3 screw latch example. _Hardy put a code on their rods to indicate when it was built. You can look it up here (thanks to Andrew Herd) ...Hardy reels represent the epitome of durable and classic fishing reels. If you have no posts, please register for a new account.